Pilates For Weight Loss

Lose your thigh fat fast and effectively with Weight Loss Pilates

Pilates For Weight Loss is the key to a more sculpted, toned and pain-free body!

Are you tired of short-lived results from confusing weight management programs that keeps bringing you back to square one? Do you dislike competitive & intimidating gym environments?

Transform the way your body looks, feels and performs – lose thigh fat and build muscle strength without becoming bulky!

Our classes are suitable for beginners with no experience in Pilates. If it is your first time at Pilates Fitness, you’ll have to attend a free compulsory 30-minutes Reformer Introduction Class to familiarize yourself with the Reformer machine and understand the basic principles of Pilates. After the Reformer Introduction class, you can proceed to join your first Weight Loss Reformer Group class.

– SHAPE (Jan 2012)

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Are you ready to bring sexy back? Check out how Pilates Fitness has helped one of long-time clients, Pamela, to lose a staggering 17kg in 5 months

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Pilates For Weight Loss versus other Pilates Classes

It is true that you can lose weight with Pilates. We crafted a unique Pilates workout utilizing Pilates exercises that burn more calories in one hour. Weight Loss Pilates is suitable for people who want to promote faster weight loss and prefer a high intensity workout – including males who find standard Pilates classes too slow-paced.

Each Pilates class strengthens and tones your entire body. You will notice marked changes especially around the belly, butt and thighs. Our Weight Loss class has no impact on the joints, and is safe for anyone who wants to lose an extra pound! You can practise it daily without hurting your own body and it is an excellent complement to other weight loss activities.

Weight Loss Plus Class

Our power-packed Weight Loss Plus builds on the strength and body awareness that you have acquired in Weight Loss  to challenge your body further. The Pilates exercises in Weight Loss Plus focuses on using the core muscles to execute more advanced movements that require a good sense of balance and strong coordination skills. The prerequisite to attend Weight Loss Plus is a minimum of 10 Reformer Group Weight Loss and/or Body Aches classes.


AbsBurn Class

AbsBurnPilates Class gives you the extra boost to tone up your abdominal muscles and reduce love handles and belly fat. AbsBurn Pilates Class works hand in hand with Weight Loss Pilates class to accelerate toning of your abdominals area to give you the silhouette that you always wanted!

The prerequisite to attend AbsBurn Class is a minimum of 5 Reformer Group Weight Loss and/or Body Aches classes.

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