Flexi Stretch Pilates


Do you sometimes feel so stiff that it’s difficult to sit down on a low chair? Are your stiff muscles and inflexibility affecting your mood? Is your secret dream to be able to do a deep squat or touch your toes?


Or perhaps, you do not have a flexibility concern, however, your muscles are bulky and tight. You dread doing any forms of resistance training because instead of getting toned, you get big.


We all want long, lean and strong muscles to give us the freedom to perform any movement we want. Massages and popping muscle relaxant pills are not sustainable. Simple stretches may not cut it as well. You need to teach your body how not to develop muscle tension and tightness instead. Reprogram your body to keep the muscles flexible, long and toned with Flexi Stretch class.


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Flexi Stretch Pilates Class focuses on lengthening tight muscles due to prolonged inactivity, arthritis or frequent sporting activities. Each class gives you 55 minutes of full body deep stretch focusing on hips, legs, spine and shoulder joints. It’s like giving yourself a massage and getting toned at the same time! The dynamic Pilates stretches also help to tone your muscle and strengthen your core by using the resistance of Reformer machine.


Flexi Stretch Class is useful for those with sedentary occupations, muscle stiffness, arthritis, chronic pains or scoliosis. You will enjoy muscle relief, reduced pain and improved flexibility after each class. Flexi Stretch Class works hand in hand with Core & Body Aches Pilates Class to reduce body aches and improve flexibility. Try it today!


You need to complete a 30-minute Reformer Introduction class before going for your first Flexi Stretch Pilates class.


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  • Duration of each Group Pilates Reformer class is 55 minutes
  • Recommended to do a minimum of 3 Pilates classes per week
  • Socks are compulsory for every class
  • Class cancellation must be made 12 hours before class or a no-show is charged
  • You will not be able to attend the class if you are more than 10 minutes late – the class will be charged
  • FREE Reformer Introduction Class is 30 minutes and only applicable if you take up a Group Pilates Reformer immediately after the Reformer Introduction Class


If you are new to Pilates Fitness, please register for an account here and make payment for a class credit before you book for your first class.


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