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Singapore’s first and only Couple Prenatal Pilates class that allows parents-to-be to Prenatal Pilates exercises together. Exercising together with your partner is a fun way to relieve stress and keep the romance alive. Couple Prenatal Pilates class involves a series of safe prenatal pilates exercises in a 55 minute pilates class specially designed for expectant mums in their second or third trimester.

Why is Couple Prenatal Pilates an important component of every pregnancy journey?

Couple Prenatal Pilates helps the mummy at 3 different stages.

1/ During the pregnancy period, Couple Prenatal Pilates helps the mummy to

  • Improve balance and posture as the bump gets bigger to help the spine adapt better to the weight of the bump
  • strengthen the pelvic floor to support the womb better (may help to prevent Uterine prolapse)
  • strengthen abdominal muscles to prevent or reduce back aches
  • maintain fitness during pregnancy which comes in handy when caring for the new born
  • reduce water retention
  • maintain fitness and
  • increase energy


2/ During the delivery process, strong pelvic floor will assist during labor and also prevent urinary incontinence thereafter. Couple Prenatal Pilates class is the secret to a fuss-free and quick labor! In fact, most prenatal clients who have been doing weekly Pilates for 6 months prior labor feedback that their labor so quick that they don’t mind having more kids.


3/ After childbirth, Couple Prenatal Pilates class prepares the new mummy for the laborious work of a new mum. Strong postural muscles built during Couple Prenatal Pilates will help mummy to breastfeed and care for the newborn without comprising the shoulders and back. I often think the myth of epidural causing irreversible backaches for mummies is really just an old wives tale. The irreversible backache is most likely caused by wrong posture during feeding and bathing the baby. If you are doing the wrong thing for 12 months or longer, it is very likely to cause permanent damage!


This is also where the daddies will find Couple Prenatal Pilates class useful – they often forget that they are responsible for feeding and bathing too! By strengthening their core muscles and improving their posture during Couple Prenatal Pilates class, the new daddies’ bodies are better able to cope with physically caring for the newborn and their wives.


Preggies can choose to attend this class on your own or attend it together with (non-pregnant) loved one.


PARENT’S WORLD – Pilates aims to build core strength by toning your abdominals and pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy.

TODAY’S PARENTS – Pilates is practiced widely to tone the body and improve posture and can also be used for weight loss.




Schedule in work-out dates to keep your romance alive during pregnancy


What’s in it for dad-to-be?

During the Prenatal Pilates class, the instructor customizes each Pilates exercise for husbands of expecting moms to enjoy similar benefits of Pilates. Each class has a maximum of 6 preggies or 5 couples. Preggies may choose to attend alone or with their loved one.


Ng Ju Ann – My arms and shoulders are mad weak already from the lack of exercise since I got pregnant. It was actually more challenging (in a good way) than I thought it would be and a lot more fun.

I’m so glad the husband enjoyed himself and found the variations that the instructor gave him challenging enough not to be bored. The pregnant ones like myself get a slightly different routine because we have special needs. We don’t get to exercise together often and I think this is a great way to bond and spend time together!




Read Jun Ann’s experience here.

June – I’m thankful that hubby has been really supportive! So far, he’s been attending all the classes with me. The bonus is he’s also benefitting from the classes too. He’s been wearing a slouchy posture for a long time due to frequent computer work, and these exercises help to improve his posture by strengthening the core ab muscles and the back and shoulder muscles.

Although the lessons are held at a slower pace to cater to us preggie mums, the hubbies have to deal with greater weight resistance, so don’t think they can just breeze through the class okay! Read June’s exercise during pregnancy experience at Pilates Fitness.

Read June’s experience here.



  • Duration of each Group Pilates Reformer class is 55 minutes
  • Socks are compulsory for every class
  • Class cancellation must be made 12 hours before class or a no-show is charged
  • You will not be able to attend the class if you are more than 10 minutes late – the class will be charged




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