Weight Loss Pilates

Tired of short-lived results from unsustainable weight loss programmes? Do you find gym environments competitive and intimidating? We have developed an effective and proven Pilates routine that burns more calories and tones the body. Our classes are held in our boutique studios with a maximum of 10 participants per class. Since 2010, more than 7,500 people have experienced our effective Weight Loss classes.


Our classes are created with beginners in mind, thus no prior Pilates experience is required. Pilates has no impact on the joints, and is safe for everyone who is looking to shed some kilos and achieve a toned body. We recommend at least three classes a week to experience a positive difference in a month.


*Available in Group Pilates Reformer & Group Pilates Chair Classes.

You will need to complete a 30 minute Reformer / Chair Introduction class before going for your first Weight Loss Pilates class.

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