Pilates tones and sculpts my body!

“I lost a massive amount of weight after visiting a dietician and I was worried about sagging and loose skin. Luckily I picked up Pilates and the body sculpting exercise work really well with my diet. I’m so glad to start Pilates Weight Loss Exercise!” Ms Tan Ee Ling, Accounts Manager, 32 yrs old.  

Pilates relieves your aches and pains!

“I worked long hours in front of the computer and suffer from terrible backaches and tension headaches. After attending Pilates twice a week, the frequency of the tension headaches reduced and I no longer suffer from backaches. I will recommend all my friends to try this low-impact and highly beneficial exercise!” Ms Judy Oh, HR[…]

Golf Powerfully With Pilates!

“Pilates Fitness is the only Pilates Program for Golfers in Singapore. Pilates helps golfers to strengthen their core muscles and to be more flexible; and this shows immediately in the improved swings after the classes. As for golfers with injuries, Pilates also helps them to recover faster so that they can hit the green in[…]

Pilates Fitness Classes are very intensive and effective

“Classes from Pilates Fitness are very intensive and effective. I personally like the abs exercises. I have better body awareness now and am self-conscious in keeping a good form when I’m sitting or standing. This is definitely a good complement to my daily exercise routines.” Andre Barlian, 28, Investment Associate  

Pilates class are effective and Candice

“I’m very active in sports and classes from Pilates Fitness have made me stronger. Pilates class are effective and Candice, our instructor, is able to customise every class so that we get a good workout every time. I’ll definitely recommend anyone who is interested to pick up Pilates to go for classes at Pilates Fitness.”[…]


Dipashree first started Pilates with Pilates Fitness 6 months ago. She is pleased with the positive impacts that Pilates has on her body & mind. Watch this short clip as she shares her experience with Pilates.