Why Should I Take Up Pilates Instructor Course in Singapore?

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Pilates is known to benefit the population of all ages, from those recovering from injuries or suffering from body aches, to those simply looking for a challenging workout that promotes core strengthening and flexibility. With more people turning to Pilates as a safe yet intensive workout alternative in Singapore, there is a growing demand for certified Pilates instructors. Those who have attended Pilates classes would know that the cost of a Pilates class is relative high, and that it is easy to differentiate a certified instructor from an uncertified one, solely based on how the class is managed by the instructor. As expectations of instructors have increased with the popularity of Pilates, certified instructors can definitely retain more customers compared to one who has not undergone formal Pilates instructor training.


What do you need to be a Pilates Instructor?

Aside from investing time, money and commitment, you will need to have a strong passion for Pilates. If you are a self-motivated, people-oriented person who enjoys teaching and believes in sharing the knowledge and benefits of Pilates to others, this just might be the ultimate job for you! Read on to find out the top five perks of being a full-time Pilates instructor (strictly from Pilates Fitness team’s perspective).


1.  Anyone can be a Pilates instructor

The most apparent advantage of being a Pilates instructor is that you do not necessarily have to be young, or the strongest or most flexible person in a Pilates class to pursue a Pilates instructor certification. Pilates exercises are designed to have no impact on the joints , which means that you can teach Pilates even as a retirement job! This is a stark contrast to being a fitness instructor for high-impact workouts (e.g. Body Combat, Kick-Boxing), where the intensity of the workout is not suitable for people with injuries or beyond a certain age. Anyone can be a Pilates instructor – as long as you have a passion for practicing Pilates and for sharing the knowledge with others!


2.  Get paid to keep fit

Unlike most desk-bound jobs, being a Pilates instructor gives you the opportunity to earn a living from your passion. In order to be a successful Pilates instructor, large amounts of time and effort has to be set aside for self-practice and to attend Pilates classes (both of which are requirements in your Pilates certification program). Understanding how Pilates exercises affects your body also allows you to provide effective cues for your clients to execute each movement more precisely.


3. Improve the well-being of others

The role of a Pilates instructor is to help clients to manage and achieve their individual goals. Pilates is suitable for everyone, from the de-conditioned to the professional athletes. There are clients recovering from injuries who do Pilates for rehabilitative purposes, elderly who are unable to do high-impact exercises but want to maintain their fitness, and others who have been leading a sedentary lifestyle looking to get back on an exercise program. Many people attend Pilates classes for different reasons, and being a Pilates instructor allows you to establish a strong bond with your clients by assessing individual strengths and weaknesses, and customizing each exercise to suit their needs. There is an immense feeling of satisfaction from seeing improvements in your clients through your workout.


4. Specialize in diverse Pilates programs

Pilates is a diverse field that presents you with a wide range of options to specialize in. For example, if you refer to our class schedule, you will find that Pilates Fitness offers a diversity of classes, from Weight Loss and Core & Body Aches, to Couple Prenatal and Cardio Jumpboard Pilates classes. Other specialty tracks include Pilates for athletes and Pilates for rehabilitation. Upon completion of your basic Pilates certification, you can choose to pursue one or more of these specialty tracks in order to stay competitive in the field, and also to increase your rate of pay. Being a Pilates instructor is definitely not a stagnant job – there are many opportunities to grow and learn in the career path of a Pilates instructor.


5. Flexible working hours

Being a certified Pilates instructor gives you the freedom to plan your own working schedule! Once you’ve completed your basic Pilates certification, you can decide on a combination of working environments that complements your lifestyle. Apart from working at a Pilates studio, you can also teach classes at gyms, fitness centers, schools, or companies who organize fitness programs for their employees. The vibrant working environment of a Pilates instructor not only keeps you active but also gives you the opportunity to develop new business opportunities by expanding your social network.


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