Just start. Don’t wait another day or minute. 

I know you did. You didn’t have it all figured out, nor did you know if you would be the winner of the 28 Days Pilates Challenge, or if you could complete 28 classes but you decided to get started anyway!Kudos for doing that! 🙂
And now, we are going to give you a plan to WIN!Let’s recap.


Objective: To lose the highest percentage of body fat by attending 28 classes between 1 October to 24 December 2015.


Prize: $1,000 cash and $2,000 worth of prizes.




1) Set a (realistic) target for yourself.
You can refer to the table below as a guide for your ideal body fat percentage.



Or you can use our last winner score as a benchmark. Sharon lost 2.9% of body fat in 28 classes. Statistically speaking, if you can lose at least 2.9% of body fat in this challenge, you have a very high chance to be our next winner!


2) Break your target into bite-size weekly milestones. 
We have created a simple tool for you to track your progress. This good old trusty 28 Days Pilates Challenge 2015 Target! spreadsheet will help you to plan and track the number of classes you need to lose your desired body fat percentage. Download it and start filling in the numbers!


3) Turn up!
We recommend at least 3 classes per week to complete the challenge by 24 December 2015. Since we are in the middle of October, you should have completed at least 5 classes by now! If not, fret not, just work harder by block booking your classes till November 2015.With planning, determination and lotsa motivation from us, you would not only be able to complete the 28 Days Pilates Challenge, but also get a fitter and pain-free body ready for the year end celebrations!


Remember to do your Body Composition Analysis every week to track your progress to see how you pit against other challengers at our scoreboard.


Yours in health & fitness,




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