The Best Hairstyles For Your Pilates Reformer Workout!

You’re prepping to leave home for your workout. How long do you take to decide what to do with your hair? Read on to find out creative hairdos that take you from your reformer class to your next appointment!


Do you go with the fastest option: it takes 3 seconds to pull your hair up in a ponytail, round it up in a bun, or keep your fringe in place with a hairband? While this hairdo generally applies for most workouts, you may find yourself in a bit of an inconvenience if you’re headed for a Pilates Reformer class. Wait… What’s the difference? On the reformer, your choice of hairstyle may cause you to experience neck discomfort by changing the alignment of your head, or risk getting your hair caught in the springs or headrest!


Whenever I teach new clients, most of them only realise that their hairstyle is not appropriate for their reformer workout in a supine (lying down) position. I find myself repeating this sentence quite often: “Ah yes, that’s why I tie my hair in a high bun!”. Other times, my clients are the ones who get the revelation “Ah… that’s why your hair is in a high bun.”



The Pilates hip roll exercise, as seen above, is a perfect example to demonstrate how your head should lie flat on the headrest – you’d want to avoid having your ponytail in the way! If you have long hair, exercises like the Elephant (below) may also increase the risk of hair getting caught in the springs.



We don’t normally give much thought into styling our hair for a workout, but if you’re going for a Pilates Reformer workout, it’s time to look into it! Not sure what you can do with your hair to be reformer workout-ready? Here’s a simple guide:


For those with short hair:


1) Plaited Fringe


Keep your fringe out of the way without a hairband! Learn how to plait your fringe here.

2) Half-Bun 



Going back to work after your lunch-time reformer workout? Try the half-bun to keep your hair in place during your workout and still look chic and work-ready!

3) Side Twist


Try this effortlessly fun way to keep your fringe in place – Simply twist your fringe and secure it to the sides with bobby pins!

For those with medium/long hair:

1) High Bun


Low/medium buns would press against the headrest while lying down, so putting your hair up in a high bun is the best way to keep it out of the way. Miley Cyrus wears the high bun to her Pilates class too! This is my personal favourite – another great look to carry between work and exercise.



2) Side Braid


Tame your long hair with a side braid! Loosen the braid after your workout to give soft curls – an added bonus!

3) Triple Twist Pony Tail


If braids aren’t your cup of tea, try this simple triple twist pony tail! Watch the tutorial here.

Have fun trying these new styles! We wanna hear from you too. If you have any suggestions, take a pic with your hairdo on the reformer in our studio and tag us (#sgPilatesFitness)!

Meanwhile, do block book your classes and we look forward to seeing you rock a new hairdo in your next class 😉

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