Thank you for joining your loved one at Pilates Fitness

Welcome to Pilates Fitness! We are glad that your loved one introduced you to Pilates Fitness. We can walk this fitness journey with you!


Please note that you can only join your friend class for FREE if you have not attended any classes at Pilates Fitness studio before.


Gentle reminder that Pilates Fitness has no front desk assisting you. As such, please download Mindbody App for booking of your classes and Iot.Smart App for our door access system.


To book your classes, please download the Mindbody App and register an account on the app using the same email as your Mindbody account. Please use all small letters when you register your email.

If you are unsure which email you use, please email us with your mobile for us to check for you.



To gain entry to the studio, please download the IoT.Smart App (our door access app) and register an account using the same email as your Mindbody account. 

If you are unsure which email you use, please email us with your mobile for us to check for you.

Please read below steps before you download the app:

1/ For Andriod users, please ensure “Location” & “Bluetooth” is turned on before downloading the app. Please accept all notification when prompted by the app to successfully install the Iot.Smart Door Access App. For iPhone users, please ensure “Bluetooth” is turned on before downloading the app.


2/ Please register an account using the email as you used to create Mindbody account (booking system for your classes). Email must be entered in small letters only.

3/ Once you register an account with IOT.SMART APP, please log into your email account immediately to verify the registration. Note that the verification must be done within 2 minutes from registration a new account on the IOT.SMART APP. Once you verified, please log on IOT.SMART APP using your email and password.


To use the app to open the door:

1/ Ensure “Bluetooth” is turned on. Launch IOT.SMART APP.

2/ Go to the bottom menu and click on “KEY”.

3/ Place your phone in front of the green panel and press the “Key” icon to open the door.


You can contact us at if you have any questions.

Hope to see you at the studio real soon! Have an awesome day ahead!

Yours in health & fitness,