Thank you for buying a class bundle!

Thank you for your purchase. We are glad that we can walk this fitness journey with you.


The charge will appear on your credit card statement as “Paypal PILATESFITN”. We will also update your Pilates Fitness online account in 3 working days.


You will be able to book your classes once we updated your account. Create your booking account here. Do flip through your calendar and start to plan your Pilates classes! Learn how to get FREE CLASSES in FLOW CHALLENGE.


Familiarise yourself with our FAQ and Studio Policies.


Pilates Fitness has a digital front desk. Please download Pilates Studio Door Access App to get into the studio. ◡̈ 

To book your classes, please go to our Schedule Page and log in using your Mindbody details.

If you have not registered for a Mindbody account, please do so here. Mindbody is our class booking system.

To enter Pilates studio, please download Iot.Smart App to manage Pilates studio door access system.


To book your classes, please go to our Schedule Page and log in using your Mindbody details. We recommend you to bookmark our Schedule Page for future easy access.

If you are unsure which email address you should use to log into Mindbody system, please email us your mobile number for us to check for you.


To gain entry to the studio, please download the IoT.Smart App (our door access app) and register an account using the same email as your Mindbody account. 

If you are unsure which email you use, please email us with your mobile for us to check for you.

Please read below steps before you download the app:

1/ For Andriod users, please ensure “Location” & “Bluetooth” is turned on before downloading the app. Please accept all notification when prompted by the app to successfully install the Iot.Smart Door Access App. For iPhone users, please ensure “Bluetooth” is turned on before downloading the app.

2/ Please register an account using the email as you used to create Mindbody account (booking system for your classes). Email must be entered in small letters only.

3/ Once you register an account with IOT.SMART APP, please log into your email account immediately to verify the registration. Note that the verification must be done within 2 minutes from registration a new account on the IOT.SMART APP. Once you verified, please log on IOT.SMART APP using your email and password.


To use the app to open the door:

1/ Ensure “Bluetooth” is turned on. Launch IOT.SMART APP.

2/ Go to the bottom menu and click on “KEY”.

3/ Place your phone in front of the green panel and press the “Key” icon to open the door.


You can also contact us at if you have any questions.


Do encourage your other loved ones to do Pilates too, so that you can motivate each other throughout this journey as well!


Hope to see you at the studio real soon! Have an awesome day ahead!

Yours in health & fitness,

2 thoughts on “Thank you for buying a class bundle!

  • Hi, I just purchased Create Your Own Bundle package, but I would like it to be put under my husband’s name “Arifin” so that we can both share the package.

    Thank you.

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