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Pilates Fitness Instructor Course

Pilates Fitness offers a 6-week Pilates Instructor Course for all passionate Pilates practitioners! We’ll share the secrets of our Pilates for Weight Loss classes as we prepare you to instruct a beginner Pilates class. Find out how & why Pilates is more effective compared to other exercises, and gain a more in-depth and wholesome knowledge of Pilates… Take a step further & transform your passion into your career!


3 Keys Benefits Of A Pilates Instructor

  1. Work-Life Balance – Flexibility in your Work Hours & Stress-Free
  2. Earn a Living From Your Passion
  3. Get a Fit & Healthy Body with Unlimited FREE Pilates classes


3 Key Reasons Why Pilates Fitness Instructor Course Is Your Best Choice

  1. Pilates Fitness is the 1st in Singapore to have Unique & Effective Weight Loss Pilates routines
  2. Proven Pilates Instructor Methodology that enables you to instruct a Beginner Pilates Class In 6 Weeks.
  3. Enjoy our Train-&-Work Environment & Private Mentorship with our Founder, Ms Candice Chin


About Us

Pilates Fitness believes strongly in staying innovative in the Pilates field, and hence offers a variety of Pilates classes that suit different lifestyle needs. Pilates is the first Pilates studio in Singapore to offer Pilates for Weight Loss classes & Couple Prenatal Pilates classes. More than 5,800 have experienced our effective and unique routines! We would like to share our knowledge with Pilates practitioners to allow more people to experience the life-changing benefits of Pilates.



“After attending classes at Pilates Fitness, I saw the positive changes in myself and I wanted to learn more about Pilates rather than just coming for weekly classes. I chose Pilates Fitness because I like the challenging routines. I was surprised by Candice’s enthusiasm and willingness to share when I approached her to learn about teaching Pilates as my career. Pilates Fitness unique train and work environment allowed me to start teaching quality classes within a relatively short period of time. It’s a continuous steep learning curve but nonetheless, the challenge keeps me going!” – Jasmine, Pilates Instructor with Pilates Fitness


New to Pilates? Sign Up for our Trial Class Today!

Mother & Baby – For Pilates classes that help you cull the kilos, check out Pilates Fitness Pilates For Weight Loss classes.

SHAPE – Pilates Cardio Jump Board is the cool class that will inspire even the laziest girl (or boy) to work out.

TODAY – Build strong bones with Pilates.

The Business Times – Pilates Fitness has unique Pilates routines for specific targets such as for weight loss and body aches.

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