Singapore Prenatal Pilates Reformer Class

prenatal pilates reformer class

Singapore’s first and only Couple Prenatal Pilates class that allows parents-to-be to prepare for birth through fun prenatal exercises together. In addition, exercising together with your partner is a fun way to relieve stress and keep the romance alive.

Couple Prenatal Pilates class involves a series of safe prenatal exercises in a 55-minutes timeframe, specially designed for expectant mums in their second or third trimester.

Why is Couple Prenatal Pilates an important component of every pregnancy journey?

Couple Prenatal Pilates supports the mummy at these 3 different stages.

prenatal pilates reformer class singaporeDuring the pregnancy period, Couple Prenatal Pilates helps the mummy to:

  • Improve balance and posture as the bump gets bigger to help the spine adapt better to the weight of the bump

prenatal pilates reformer class singaporeDuring the delivery process, strong pelvic floor will assist during labor and also prevent urinary incontinence thereafter.

Couple Prenatal Pilates class is the secret to a fuss-free and quick labor. In fact, most prenatal clients who have been doing weekly Pilates for 6 months prior labor, often remark that their labor was so smooth and easy that they don’t mind having more kids.

prenatal pilates class singaporeAfter childbirth, Couple Prenatal Pilates class prepares the new mummy for the laborious work of a new mum.

Strong postural muscles built during prenatal Pilates reformer class will help mummy to breastfeed and care for the new-born without comprising her shoulders and back.

Introductory Offer:

3 X Couple Prenatal Pilates Reformer Classes @ $240 (Per Couple) or
3 X Prenatal Pilates Reformer Classes @ $132 (Per Prenatal Lady)