Pilates Reformer Trial Class Singapore



Lifestyle-Oriented Pilates Reformer Class That Delivers Results

The first and only Pilates Studio in Singapore that designs classes in accordance to your lifestyle and wellness requirements. Since 2010, we have worked with nearly 10,000 clients to achieve their ideal weight and health state.

Weight Loss Pilates

pilates-reformer-class-singaporeWeight Loss Pilates is crafted to accelerate calories-burning, while achieving a slimmer body within weeks. Each class is high-intensity and low impact focusing on sculpting big muscle groups to accelerate calories burn on targeted body parts.

Body Aches Pilates 

pilates-reformer-class-singaporeAre your nagging body aches affecting your lifestyle, productivity or even your relationships? Eliminate body aches with gentle core-strengthening exercises and deep muscle stretches in Body Aches Pilates class.


Barre X Reformer Pilates

pilates-reformer-class-singaporeDo you desire a lean and toned ballerina physique in less than 12 hours? Barre X Reformer Pilates Reformer class combines the best of both worlds, Pilates Reformer and Barre, to achieve graceful, lean ballerina figure swiftly. Each class sculpts muscles from head to toe, while strengthening your core for a toned and gracious appearance.

Flexi Stretch Pilates

pilates-reformer-class-singaporeHave you been experiencing stiffness in your body? Or are your muscles feeling tensed after many workout sessions? Release the built-up tension and tightness with the Flexi Stretch Pilates class as we guide you to keep the muscles flexible, long and toned. Expect a spring in your walk, after each class.

Introductory Offer:

5 Pilates Reformer Classes at $149 + Bring along a loved one for FREE!