How do I get paid?

Please fill up your time slip template with the following information:

    1. Your name as per your bank account, the “SALARY MONTH:” and “PAYMENT DATE:”


  1. The start and end time for the days that you were working.
      • Please note the time format should be: 7:37:00 AM / 10:30:00 PM.


      • The morning shift is 8am to 4.30pm.


      • The evening shift is 3.30pm to 30 – 45 minutes after studio closed for the day.


      • For Serangoon on Saturdays, the start time is 7.30am.


      • In the event that you come early, please put the start time as indicated above. Eg if you open studio at 7.50am on Wednesday at Telok Blangah, please put the start time as 8am


      • In the event that you come late, please put the time that you arrive. Eg if you open studio at 8.10am on Wednesday at Telok Blangah, please put the start time as 8.10am


      • We track the opening of the studio based on the sms received from the studio mobile phone. Please sms me immediately upon opening the studio.


      • Please only fill in the first day to the last day of the previous month.


  2. Any sales bundles you sold.
      1. Only group classes 15 / 25 / 50 / 100 bundles have commission.


      1. On and off, we may have promotional sales commission and you can also add them in.


      1. If you did not indicate any sales bundles in your time slip, we will not add in for you and there will not be any commission for that time slip. Staff is responsible to track your own working hours and sales list.


  3. If you work on public holidays, we pay 1.5 pf your hourly rate.
      • Please add in the pay (based on the number of hours worked on public holidays) under “4.  BONUS / PUBLIC HOLIDAY ALLOWANCE:


  4. Please email your compiled time slip to and by the 3rd of the following month.
      • You will get your pay on the 15th of the following month for last month work. For instance, for days worked between 1 July to 31 July 2017, please submit your time pay slip by 3 August 2017. Your pay will be issued on 15 August 2017.
      • If you miss the deadline of 3rd of the month, we will only be able to process your salary in the following month. For instance, you submitted the July 2017 time slip on 4 August 2017, you are not in time for the payment of your salary by 15 August 2017 and your salary will only be paid on 15 September 2017.
      • We recommend you to submit your time slip on the last day of your working day in the current month. For instance, your last working day in July 2017 is 26 July 2017 and your next working day is on 6 August 2017, then submit your July 2017 time slip on 26 July 2017 to both Sin Lee and Candice.


      • If you would like to amend your pay slip (eg you missed out one commission etc), please submit your revised pay slip to both of us by 3rd of the following month. We will not be able to accept any changes after 3rd of the month.


      • There may be delays in your salary if you submit the payslip late or if your pay slip is not clear.


Download your pay slip template here.