What if I cannot work last minute?

Once the working schedule is released through email, you are responsible for your assigned shifts.


In the event that you are unable to work upon release of working schedule, please find your own coverer to take over your shift.


Your coverer must fulfill below criteria:


    • Have previously worked in the studio that you needed covering. For instance if Jia Wen has not worked on her own at River Valley before, Jia wen should not be covering someone at River Valley studio.


    • You need to check if your coverer has the keys to the studio. Else, please make your own arrangement to pass him/her the keys. Please get the keys back from your coverer for your next shift.


Email Candice & Sin Lee and cc your coverer about your coverer and the shift that your coverer is taking over.


If you are unable to find a coverer, Pilates Fitness will deduct your pay for the days that you have been assigned to work.