How To Lose Belly Fat With Pilates

Can’t stop thinking about how to lose belly fat?


Why is it so difficult to lose belly fat? 

Our body tends to store more fat in one area, and belly fat is known to be a frustrating problem area that both men and women alike are facing. Many people are looking for a quick and easy fix to get rid of their beer bellies and love handles, but the truth is that most of these methods are unsafe and will not create lasting results. If you love your body, choose Pilates Fitness Weight Loss class as a safe and effective way to lose belly fat and get those amazing flat-toned abs!

How can I lose belly fat?

Before you ask how to lose belly fat, you need to understand why you have belly fat in the first place.

experience at first classGenetics and hormones are the key reasons why one tends to have more belly fat than others. However, the good news is that belly fat, like any other fat deposits in our body, are stored when our calorie intake is much higher than our energy expenditure. As such, the key answer to “How can I lose belly fat?” is to burn the body fat through high-intensity exercises.

You’re probably thinking… “But how can I lose belly fat since Pilates is not a high-intensity exercise?” Contrary to popular belief, Pilates is not like Yoga! At Pilates Fitness, we created a unique range of Pilates classes that uses resistance from the Reformer machine to burn more calories and lose belly fat in a safe manner. Weight Loss Reformer Pilates classes are suitable for everyone regardless of fitness levels or health conditions. This is especially helpful to our clients who are overweight and find other physical activities too harsh for their joints.

Pilates Fitness also introduced a special class – Abs Burn Pilates that gives you the extra boost to tone up your abdominal muscles, reduce love handles and lose belly fat.




Read what our clients who have lost an impressive amount of weight over short period of time have to say about Pilates Fitness…


Elderly client with lupus lost 5kg in 3 months at Pilates Fitness.


Mother of an 8-year old lost 7kg by doing 3 classes a week at Pilates Fitness. Her favorite class was Weight Loss Plus!


Client gushes about how her boyfriend complimented her new toned body.


Client felt good after every class and her clothes fit her better now!

Client maintains her weight and toned body without giving up on her favourite food!







Pamela was so successful in her weight loss journey that Shape Magazine asked us for her details to publish her story. We hope she can inspire all of you!


How can I lose belly fat with Pilates Fitness classes?

We have various classes targeted at weight loss and more specifically to answer your question of how to lose belly fat. Different classes have different intensity and you can advance to the next level once you master basic Pilates reformer movements. In this way, you will always be kept challenged at your own pace.

Lose belly fat fast by following the timetable below!


Stop Thinking And Start Acting!

Get a toned body with long lean muscles. Build core strength.
Reduce neck tensions & backaches. Have fun!

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Besides losing belly fat, see what other benefits our clients have experienced at Pilates Fitness:





IMPROVE RUNNING TECHNIQUES – Regular Pilates can help to prevent injuries and stretched tight muscles. Jerry’s family members are regulars at Pilates Fitness – each doing Pilates for different objectives.



INCREASED FLEXIBILITY – Contrary to common beliefs, you do not need to be flexible to do Pilates! Pilates helps you to become more flexible! So if your flexibility issue is preventing you from doing the activities that you like, give Pilates a try.



REDUCE NECK TENSIONS – Clara is a young cheerful lady in her 20s and her tensed neck muscles prevented her from a more active outdoor lifestyle. She is glad that Pilates helped her and even brought her boyfriend along to do the Pilates classes together!



PREVENT INSOMNIA – Pilates works your muscles but also stretches you gently so that your body feels relaxed after the class. Pilates reduces insomnia and gives you a deep night sleep.



INCREASE STRENGTH – Weak arms may be a problem for many girls and this may cause injuries over time if you do strengthen your muscles. Reformer Pilates rely on springs for resistance which means you can increase the resistance at your own pace safely.



HELPS TO RELAX & REDUCE TENSIONS – Stressful lifestyle often translates into physical issues such as high blood pressure, aches and pains. Kill two birds with one stone as Pilates relaxes your soul and tones your body at the same time!



INCREASED BODY AWARENESS – Understanding how to activate different muscle groups is essential to preventing unnecessary body aches. It will also help you in doing other physical activities and reduce chances of injuries.



FAST RESULTS – Pilates is one of the most efficient exercises as it is a full body workout in just 55 minutes. Clients are often motivated to work out regularly because they see fast results. If you have a wedding to prepare or an important party to attend, try to do 4 – 6 classes a week and I’m sure you will get praises for your toned body!


PILATES IS FUN! – When classes are fun, who can resist?? Pilates is not about holding poses or doing boring repetitive movements. You get to try new movements every class just because there are more than 500 exercises for the instructors to choose from!


Click here to see what the media got to say about our classes!



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