How Can I Lose Belly Fat With Pilates Fitness Classes? 

Weight Loss Pilates incorporates high intensity repertoires in each Pilates class, giving you a vigorous cardiovascular workout while toning your muscles. Each Weight Loss Pilates class strengthens and tones your whole body. You will notice marked changes especially around your belly, arms, butt and thighs.

The principles of Pilates are observed to ensure that there is no impact on your joints. Pilates For Weight Loss is safe for everyone including the obese. You can practise it daily and is an excellent complement to your weight loss program. With a minimum of 3 classes per week, you can expect to lose belly fat and lose thigh fat in 4 – 6 weeks.

We offer 3 types of Pilates classes that promotes fast weight loss – Weight Loss Pilates Class, Cardio Jumpboard Pilates Class and Weight Loss Plus Pilates Class.

Weight Loss Pilates

We created a unique Pilates routine utilizing Pilates exercises that burn more calories in one hour. Weight Loss Pilates Class  is suitable for people who want to promote fast weight loss and those who prefer high intensity workout; including males who may find standard Pilates classes too “slow”.

8 Days – Who needs Weight Watchers when you have Pilates For Weight Loss Classes from Pilates Fitness?

The Business Times – Pilates Fitness has unique Pilates routines for specific targets such as for weight loss and body aches.

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Postnatal Weight Loss

New mums who want to lose belly fat, improve endurance of arms and back muscles to carry the baby as well as to strengthen postnatal pelvic floor and abdominal muscles can try our Weight Loss Pilates class. New mums need to enhance their core strength to prevent nasty back, arms and shoulder aches from bending over to care for the baby as well as carrying the baby over prolong periods of time.

Parents World – Pilates aims to build core strength by toning your abdominals and pelvic floor muscles.

Today’s Parents – Pilates is practiced widely to tone the body and improve posture and can also be used for weight loss.

Mother & Baby – For Pilates classes that help you cull the kilos, check out Pilates Fitness Pilates For Weight Loss classes.

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Cardio Jumpboard Pilates

We replaced the Pilates Reformer footbar with a special vertical Jumpboard to allow you to jump while lying down. Cardio Jumpboard Pilates class is fast pace. It challenges your coordination and core stability; giving you an extra cardio boost. For those who find regular Pilates classes too “slow” for comfort, the Pilates Jumpboard will give you a lovely surprise. However, this class is not suitable for people with knee and ankle issues. You need to attend a minimum of 5 Reformer classes before proceeding to attend your first Cardio Jumpboard Pilates class.

SHAPE – Pilates Cardio Jump Board is the cool class that will inspire even the laziest girl (or boy) to work out.

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Weight Loss Plus Pilates

 Weight Loss Plus Pilates Class builds on the strength and body awareness that you acquire in Weight Loss Pilates Class to challenge your body further. The Pilates exercises in Weight Loss Plus Pilates focus on using your stronger core to execute more complicated movements that require a good sense of balance and strong coordination skills. You need to attend a minimum of 15 Reformer Group Classes before you attend your first Weight Loss Plus Pilates Class.

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You are only a call away from a toned and healthy body! Act now and experience the change.




AbsBurn Pilates

AbsBurn Pilates Class gives you the extra boost to tone up your abdominal muscles and reduce love handles and belly fat. AbsBurn Pilates Class works hand in hand with Weight Loss Pilates class to accelerate toning of your abdominals area to give you thesilhouette that you always wanted! A minimum attendance of 5 Reformer Group (Weight Loss or Body Aches) Classes is required before you can attend the AbsBurn Pilates Class.

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