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virtual pilates singapore


3 Virtual Class Types To Choose From

virtual pilates singapore


virtual pilates singapore


virtual pilates singapore


virtual pilates singapore





What about the Mat Bundle I bought?

We will be reaching out to each of you who have purchased the Mat Class bundle to inform you to convert to our virtual class credits. Please go ahead to book for your virtual class first.


What is a Virtual Pilates class?

Our Instructor will be teaching you via Zoom video online, limited to 10 per class so that we can focus on individuals’ posture and muscle engagement just like in a normal class. You will need to set up a workout area in your home with a laptop or phone connected to the app. 

You will need to log into Zoom app (download from and set up before class start time. Ensure our Instructor is able to see your full body via Zoom screen.

You should have enough space to open your arms and do a variety of movements without any obstructions. Our Instructor will typically demonstrate the movements and then start cueing and correcting as she observes the bodies doing the movements. 


What are the class types available?

We will be offering 3 Virtual Pilates class types:
  • Cardio HIIT – For the active (almost replacing jumpboard)
  • Weight Loss – Full body toning for the active
  • Core – Gentle Pilates moves
Please refer to the above for the class types description.

How much are the classes?

Please click here for the Virtual Pilates class bundles. We will only accept PayNow for the virtual classes.

For your first Virtual Pilates class, existing members can use one of their FREE Class credits to attend the Virtual Pilates class. You can also choose to use your existing paid class credits or grab the Virtual Pilates class bundle for all subsequent classes.

How many people in each class?

Eacah class is limited to 10 people. 

Who can book?

Anyone who is interested to explore Pilates with us.


How to book?

Please log in and book online through the Schedule Page as usual. The slots are first come first served. Please book early so that we can email you the Zoom password in time to start the class.


How to pay? 

Please click here to pay for the Virtual Pilates class bundles. Please note that we will only be accepting PayNow for the virtual class bundles.


How do I join the class?

  • Download ZOOM app on your laptop or phone.
  • Test the set up position such that your full body can be seen on the screen (pls do this before class start time). You should have enough space to move your arms and legs.
  • Zoom meeting password & ID will be emailed to you 15 minutes before class


What is the cancellation policy?

Class cancellation policy is 24 hours before class due to very limited slots. 


Will my Virtual Pilates class count towards the Flow Challenge?

Yes, definitely! We will credit 1 / 2 FREE class credits into your account if you complete 8 / 10 Mat, Virtual or Reformer Pilates paid classes between 1 – 31 May 2021.


Will my Virtual Pilates class has an expiry date?

Yes, please click here to check the expiry date for the different class bundle.

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