Teenage years are at the perfect age to learn correct posture and to cultivate proper movement habits that will stay with them for life. As teens go through growth spurts, take on new sports and physical activities; and experience puberty changes, Pilates classes help the teens to control their body in space, correct their posture,[…]

Why are Pilates classes more expensive than most fitness classes?

– updated on 8 Feb 2019 The average neighbourhood membership (such as Safra) costs about $40 per year in Singapore. Fitness centres such as Amore, Fitness First, Virgin Active or California Fitness charge members up to $250 per month, with a minimum of one year contract. Pilates Mat classes conducted by freelance instructors may range from[…]

Why Is It Important To Attend Pilates Classes From Different Pilates Instructors?

I often get requests for specific instructors to teach at specific studio and at specific timings. Some clients get upset when their favourite Pilates Instructors no longer teach at their preferred slots. In fact, this Pilates Instructor rotation is deliberate. I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight why it is important to attend Pilates[…]