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Admin Staff asked 3 years ago

I want to enquire about Pilates classes which are suitable for weight loss.


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Admin Staff answered 3 years ago

It is true that you can lose weight with Pilates. At Pilates Fitness, we have crafted a unique Reformer Pilates workout utilizing Pilates exercises that burn more calories in one hour. Weight Loss Pilates is suitable for people who want to promote faster weight loss and prefer a high intensity workout – including males who find standard Pilates classes too slow-paced.
Each Reformer Pilates class strengthens and tones your entire body. You will notice marked changes especially around the belly, butt and thighs. Our Weight Loss class has no impact on the joints, and is safe for anyone who wants to lose an extra pound! You can practise it daily without hurting your own body and it is an excellent complement to other weight loss activities.