Can Pilates classes help with severe back pain?

WE ARE MOVING!Category: Class TypeCan Pilates classes help with severe back pain?
Admin Staff asked 3 years ago

I have severe back pain recently such that I was given strong painkillers for relief at the hospital. I was told that such episodes might be


and may trigger again by sudden movements. Hence, I am wondering if Pilates classes might help be able to help my condition.

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Admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Opting for quick fixes like pain killers and body massages do not resolve the root of backaches problem.

Pilates reduces body aches effectively and permanently by improving the alignment and posture of the body. Functional Pilates exercises are applied in class to strengthen the muscles supporting your joints and reduce muscle imbalances. The only way to reduce your knee pain, body aches, frozen shoulder, scoliosis, slipped disc or any mobility issues is to teach your body to move efficiently and effectively. Pilates resets your muscle memory to achieve that. It doesn’t hurt when you get a fit and toned body after the classes!

Pilates is the solution to your body woes by becoming fitter and stronger. We would like to invite you to come down to any of our 3 studios for a trial class.