Reformer Pilates or Chair Pilates?

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Admin Staff asked 3 years ago

I am looking at your class schedule for the trial classes. I am a little confused in regards to Reformer and Chair Pilates weight loss introduction.

May I know what is the difference?

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Admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Here’s a little breakdown of the difference between Reformer and Chair Pilates-

Reformer Pilates:
1. Exercises: Most exercises lying down
2. Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced
3. Focus Areas: Full body. Challenge coordination and flexibility.

Pilates Reformer class uses special Pilates Reformer machine as the main piece of equipment to perform Pilates exercises. The Reformer uses springs for resistance, along with other attachments, for a wide variety of exercises and positions (i.e. lying down, seated and standing.). You will not be able to find the Reformer machine in normal gyms. With the resistance and the other attachments, Pilates Reformer can help to work your arms and legs harder compared to a normal mat class.

Chair Pilates:
1. Exercises: Most exercises are standing, upright or seated
2. Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced (more athletic than Reformer)
3. Focus Areas: Full body. Challenge balance and strength.

Pilates Chair class uses a Pilates equipment call Pilates Chair to perform the exercises. Pilates
chair looks like a chair with a seat, a pedal and springs that attached to the pedal for resistance.
Compared to Mat & Reformer Pilates, most Chair Pilates exercises are performed seated or
standing. This means that people with limitations in knee movements or those who are unable to
lie down on their back can still do Pilates with resistance.

Do take the opportunity to try our trial class and feel what may work best for your body.

One 90-min Chair Pilates Trial and One Reformer Pilates Trial @ $60 (worth $130).