Can new mums do pilates?

WE ARE MOVING!Category: Class TypeCan new mums do pilates?
Admin Staff asked 3 years ago

I am a mother of a 9month old. I have not properly exercised since way before my pregnancy. So now everything is saggy or loose and am about as flexible as a creaky old door.
Generally I am quite weak and have low blood pressure. The doctor says I can exercise but nothing strenuous.
I am wondering if any of your programmes are suitable for me.

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Admin Staff answered 3 years ago

We are experienced in handling new mums. For a start, if you do not have any health issues, you can join either our Weight Loss Reformer or Body Aches Reformer.
Weight Loss reformer is higher intensity and focus on cardio burn & toning.
Body Aches reformer retrain your postural muscles and reduce muscles imbalances.
New mums will alternate between these two programmes.