Can I do Pilates if I have slipped disc?

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Admin Staff asked 3 years ago

Hi! I’m 26 years old currently. I have a number of conditions before and only recently recovered and was introduced to try Pilates by my physiotherapist at NUH.

Suspected slipped disc. Occurred quite a few times before whereby my entire left leg turned numb and couldn’t stand straight. Took couple of months to recover.

Shoulder surgery due to a cyst pressing on my nerve. Subsequently during the journey to recover, I had supraspinatus impingement.

So in general I just recovered and have a very weak body. May I know what kind of classes suits me and how much does it cost? My physiotherapist said I should focus on core and strengthening.

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Admin Staff answered 3 years ago

With regards to your condition, we will recommend you to attend Pilates Fitness Body Aches classes as it is slower pace and focus on core muscle strengthening, thereby helping you to alleviate pain and improve your recovery.

Please consult your doctor if you are suitable for Pilates Reformer class before attending them.