In Pilates, the core is the powerhouse of the body. If you have attended Pilates classes before, your instructors would repeatedly remind you to engage your core muscles during every exercise (if not, you are probably not attending a Pilates class!). By strengthening your abs, your core grows stronger at the same time, which reduces muscle tension, lowers the risk of injury, and leads to better performance!

Why do I need to have strong abdominals?

Having a strong core helps you to keep an optimal alignment of your body which reduces body aches and pains, and your abdominals make up a crucial part of your core muscles.

Although the core is commonly associated with abdominals only, there are other major muscle groups that make up a strong core, such as the upper back muscles, gluteals, obliques AND abs! The quote below best describes the importance of having strong abdominals (and hence, a strong core):

“If your core is weak, nothing else can be strong.” (Justin Maguire)

Strengthen your abs with 5 Mat Pilates moves!

Get strong abdominals with these 5 quick and effective mat Pilates exercises – complete at least 3 sets of 8 repetitions each and feel your abdominals get stronger by week 3!

This abs workout can be done anytime, anywhere on a Pilates/Yoga Mat or a firm surface.



For faster results, Pilates Fitness provides specialised high intensity Reformer Pilates classes such as Cardio Jumpboard, AbsBurn & Weight Loss Plus Pilates classes.

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