14 Day Total Body Pilates Flow Challenge – Singapore Pilates Challenge

FREE 14 Days Total Body Pilates Flow Challenge


Do you want to:


> Become Strong and Youthful


> Lose a Dress Size


> Feel Alert and Full of Energy


> Reduce Body Aches & Get Improved Flexibility


> Sleep Better and Worry Less


14 Day Total Body Flow Challenge workout calendar


You can achieve all of the above in just 30 minutes a day, for 14 days.


The Total Body Pilates Flow Challenge is totally FREE. Introducing Flow Pilates Workout where 3 to 5 Pilates for beginners exercises are chained into a single execution to challenge your balance, coordination and flexibility. Pilates Flows elevate fitness and challenge mind-body focus giving you a total body workout in just 20 minutes. Expect total body change with improved fitness and sculpted muscles in 14 days!


No equipment needed (except a pilates mat) and no repeats (repeats are boring!). Suitable for seniors to build strength and balance.


14 Day Total Body Flow Challenge


  1. To Tone Up Total Body  
  2. Attain Better Coordination, Balance & Flexibility 
  3. Improve Fitness & Energy

Thursday 28 May 2020



Wednesday 10 June 2020 



14 days


♡Daily Time Commitment:

30-40 mins



Beginner-friendly. Senior-friendly


♡How it works:

Day 1-14: Take a full body picture (front, back, side) before your workout every day. Better still if you could take a video of you working out so that you can share with your loved ones on your socials. Find a top or bottom that you have difficulty fitting into and place it aside.


Day 1-14: Cut out all sugars and processed food from your diet. Drink only when you feel thirsty. Try intermittent fasting if possible – 16 hours no food, 8 hours eat what you want (but no sugars and processed foods).


Day 14: Take a full body picture (front, back, side) after your final workout. Try to fit into the top or bottom you placed aside to see if you fit in. Upload your #14DayTotalBodyFlowChallenge journey to your Facebook, Instagram or TikTok to inspire your loved ones to start a workout regime! Make sure to include the #14DayTotalBodyFlowChallenge hashtag and tag @sgpilatesfitness so other users can find the challenge!


Right Click To Download 14 Day Total Body Flow Challenge Workout Calendar here.


❥Day 1

Full Body Stretch


Flow Legs


❥Day 2

Shoulder Stretches

Flow Legs

❥Day 3

No Back Pain


Flow Butt

❥Day 4


Flow Butt


❥Day 5

Flow Legs


Flow Butt


❥Day 6

Strong Back


Flow Upper Abs


❥Day 7


Flow Upper Abs


❥Day 8

Butt Lift

Flow Lower Abs


❥Day 9

Flow Butt

Flow Lower Abs


❥Day 10

Standing Core

Flow Back


❥Day 11

Flow Legs

Flow Back


❥Day 12

Flow Upper Abs

Flow Legs

Flow Back


❥Day 13

Flow Lower Abs

Flow Arms


❥Day 14

Flow Butt

Flow Arms