10 Minutes Pilates Beginners Lean Legs | 14 Days Pilates Quarantine Workout – Singapore Pilates Edition


We were notified yesterday that Singapore circuit breaker is extended to 1 Jun 2020. Hopefully, I can see you in the studio on 2 Jun 2020. It is not easy to change your routine and habits. Especially for those with kid(s), I admired your patience and perseverance in managing working from home and your kids. You are awesome! (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡  Sneak in a breather when you need to, be kind to yourself and reach out to someone if you need to rant. You can always email me or comment on our socials. I will be here for you. ♡


As for me, I miss Mr Pilates Reformer!



Luckily, I’m starting to enjoy teaching Pilates mat classes, running Pilates classes out from my home.



singapore pilates mat


It’s great joy to be able to connect with you despite the closure. Teaching online Pilates Mat class is quite different from teaching Pilates Reformer class. It’s really cute to see curious (kids & spouse) faces peering into the screen when I teach. 😊 I’m glad that some of you requested to attend Pilates mat classes on a regular basis so that I can advance to more interesting moves. Thank you for not giving up on your Pilates practice!


singapore pilates mat


I will continue to blog regularly to keep in touch and to share more mini Pilates classes catered to your needs. Do continue to email me of your requests.


I am personally affected by the sudden surge in the number of Covid 19 cases in Singapore. In a few days, our numbers soared to more than nine thousand!


In response, our team has started a social initiative to #DeliverYourLove on 20 April 2020. I would like to share this meaningful initiative with you and encourage you to support us.


singapore pilates reformer

#DeliverYourLove Part 1


We have adopted COVID-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC) and target to raise $2976 by 4 May 2020 for them. We are aiming for $1,000 every week to meet our social initiative grand target. These funds will be utilised to deliver daily meals, provide mental health and online learning resources for quarantined migrant workers.



Pilates Fitness will donate cash to CMSC for each of the following activities:

  • $2 per client donation for every sign up for our online Mat Pilates class between 20 April to 4 May 2020.
  • $1 for every Instagram comment tag to a friend. Both you and your friend have to follow us in order to qualify.
  • $1 for every IG Story Share of our virtual bouquet. Simply customise your own virtual bouquet on IG Story and tag us @SGFitnessPilates.


As of now (22 April 2020), we have raised $330 and we hope the numbers will roll in and hit our target of $2976 by 4 May 2020.



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#DeliverYourLove Part 2


We are offering F R E E Pilates classes for all Singapore healthcare workers & covid-19 support volunteers. FREE online Mat Pilates classes or FREE Reformer classes (when our studios re-open) will be available for all healthcare workers and COVID-19 support volunteers till 31 August 2020.



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Simply forward us a form of identification for your work through our DM or email us at enquiry@pilatesfitness.com.sg and we will get back to you shortly. If you have friends or family working at the frontline, please share our IG post with them and have them contact us!


#DeliverYourLove Part 3


This is my personal contribution to your health. I’ve prepared fourteen 10 minutes online Pilates classes – 10 minutes To Your Best Body Pilates series – to help you keep up your workout regime. We have released 4 of the 10 minutes online Pilates classes. I will be publishing the rest of the youtube videos on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday moving forward. If you do not want to miss out any new videos, please subscribe to our Youtube channel!


For those with knee pains or weak legs, I’ve created a 10 minutes Pilates class for Legs. Even without Pilates Reformer, you can work your legs too! This 10 minutes Pilates class of leg exercises not only tone and lengthen your legs muscles, they also work the muscles that support your knee joint. If you have knee pain, this non-impact 10 minutes Pilates class will strengthen muscles supporting your knee joint and reduce knee pain over time.


In this online Pilates class, we will be working on all your leg muscles, covering your inner and outer thighs, hamstrings and quads. I’ve also put you in a variety of positions so your core will be working hard to keep you stabilised as you work your legs. If you are not comfortable kneeing, please put folded towels under your knees in replacement of the studio blue mat.


Each 10 minutes online Pilates class focuses on either one muscle group or one joint movement. Through the 14 online Pilates classes, we will work with you to build your best body and deliver your best. The 10 minutes To Your Best Body Pilates series is suitable for everyone, including the young, the elderly and those undergoing rehabilitation. Follow me to do these Pilates beginners exercises today!


Repeat the Lean Legs video at least twice a day – ideally once at the start of the day and another round before dinner. This is a self-regulated Pilates workout – meaning you can do faster or slower than me but try to keep to sustain the 1 minute per Pilates exercise. I would also recommend you to start with Day 1 to Day 4 into your daily routine to keep you moving throughout the day. If you are doing from Day 1, you can focus on just one round for each day.



Read more about 10 Minutes To Deliver Your Best Body – 14 Days Pilates Quarantine Workout – Singapore Pilates Edition here:

No Pilates Reformer, No Problem!

❥ 10 Minutes To Your Best Body | 14 Days Quarantine Workout Playlist – Singapore Pilates Edition

❥ Day 1: 10 Minutes Pilates Beginners Mat for Back Pain

❥ Day 2: 10 Minutes Pilates Beginners Mat for Tight Hips

❥ Day 3: 10 Minutes Pilates Beginners Mat for Abs & Obliques

❥ Day 4: 10 Minutes Pilates Beginners Mat for Lean Legs

❥ Day 5 filming was corrupted. 🙁 I will have to retake Day 5 when Pilates studio is open.

❥ Day 6: 10 Minutes Pilates Beginners Mat for Shoulder Stretches


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