10 Minutes Pilates Beginners For Abs And Obliques | 14 Days Pilates Quarantine Workout – Singapore Pilates Edition


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Day 3 is about building your abs and obliques. I have a lot to work in this area as age catches up with me. To me, strong abs and obliques are not about looking good but our ability to utilize these muscles in our daily movements. Engaging your abs when you sit, stand, walk or lie down is key to preventing lower backaches and knee pains! At every Pilates class, you first learn how to engage your abs first before each movement. Learning how to do this effectively will ensure your aches and pains melt away at the end of your Pilates class.


Do you know that weak abs cause you to compensate your back muscles to support your posture, especially during sitting? This results in tight lower back muscles and chronic pain. When your back muscles tighten up to protect itself from overworking, range of movement is reduced translating into knee and ankles pains as your spine is unable to cushion pressure from your feet.


This is especially important to us now that we are sitting down most of the time – either working on our lappies or in front of the TV. Try to do light stretching every hour so that you are not stuck in the same position for hours at a go. If time permits, follow our simple 10 minutes online Pilates class online so that you get to practice engaging your core every day.


Day 3 of 14 Days Quarantine Workout – Singapore Pilates Edition, targets your abs especially your transverse abdominis (TA) which is the innermost abs muscle that hugs your spine and organs. Strengthening your TA gives you better posture and reduce back/knee/ankle/hip pains.


Each day of the 14 Days Pilates Quarantine Workout – Singapore Pilates Edition focuses on either one muscle group or one joint movement. Through the 14 days journey, we will work with you to build your best body and deliver your best through Pilates. This 14 Days Pilates Quarantine Workout – Singapore Pilates Edition is suitable for everyone, including the young, the elderly and those undergoing rehabilitation. Follow me to do at least one online Pilates class every day. These exercises are customised to meet the needs of my Singapore Pilates studio clients who attend Singapore Pilates class weekly.


Subscribe to our Youtube Channel so that you can find the rest of the 14 Days Quarantine Workout easily. Repeat this online Pilates class at least twice a day – ideally once at the start of the day and another round before dinner. This is a self-regulated online Pilates class – meaning you can do faster or slower than me but try to keep to sustain the 1 minute per Pilates exercise. I would also recommend you to start with Day 1 to Day 3 into your daily routine to keep you moving throughout the day. If you are doing from Day 1, you can focus on just one round for each day.


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