HIIT Pilates Series


We understand that having a busy lifestyle makes it difficult to sustain a regular workout routine. In addition, most of us expect to see visible results within 3 months of embarking on an exercise routine. This is what inspired us to integrate spot toning elements with high intensity interval movements and Pilates principles to create our new HIIT Pilates series*.


HIIT refers to High Intensity Interval Training. The HIIT PILATES series was created for time-starved folks in Singapore. Pilates Fitness HIIT Pilates series differentiates itself by being a high intensity but low impact workout that is effective and safe on the joints. Expect non-stop intermediate Pilates Reformer and Cardio Pilates exercises set to a thumping soundtrack to get your adrenaline pumping. This is also the first class that incorporates upbeat music to set the pace of the workout. Get ready to challenge your stamina, endurance and coordination at our HIIT Pilates classes!

Available in Group Reformer Studios only.


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