Body Aches Pilates

Are your nagging body aches affecting your lifestyle, productivity or even your relationships? Opting for quick fixes like pain killers and body massages do not resolve the root of the problem. Pilates reduces body aches effectively by improving the alignment and posture of the body. Functional Pilates exercises are applied in class to strengthen the muscles supporting your joints and reduce muscle imbalances.


Body Aches Pilates is suitable for people who have spinal issues (such as slip disc, sciatica, scoliosis etc), body aches and joint pains (such as knee pain, frozen shoulder, neck tension etc), or are recovering from injuries. It is perfect for folks who want a permanent solution to their body woes by becoming fitter and stronger.


*Available in Group Pilates Reformer & Group Pilates Chair Classes.

You need to complete a 30 minute Reformer / Chair Introduction class before going for your first Body Aches Pilates class.

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